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Honda Autonomous Robot Cars Are Coming To Make Humans Redundant

Image: Honda Honda has a new concept set to debut at CES in Las Vegas next month, an all-terrain vehicle fitted with autonomous bits meant to make off-road work easier, safer, and more efficient, so says the press release. The concept, called “Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle”, starts off innocently enough. The snow throwing autonomous vehicle …

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Honda’s Fluoride-Ion Battery Breakthrough Could Allow For Batteries With 10x More Energy Density

The limitations of lithium-ion batteries are well known at this point, so a number of automakers are exploring alternatives such as lithium-air technology. Honda is taking a different approach as their scientists have teamed up with researchers from the California Institute of Technology and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop a new battery chemistry that …

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2019 Honda Passport Is For Anyone Who Wants A Larger CR-V

Honda’s 2019 Passport crossover is scheduled to go on sale early next year. Until then, potential buyers can admire it in person by visiting the LA Auto Show, open November 30th until December 9th. According to Honda, the Passport can provide a unique blend of “on-road driving refinement and off-road adventure capability.” It’s also been …

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The 2020 Honda Passport Is The Beefy Honda Crossover Of Your Dreams

A body-on-frame truck? Too much. A plump crossover? Too little. What you want is something in between. Something that’s got a unibody, front- (or available all-wheel) drive, and independent suspension, but also short overhangs and some good off-road modes for the muddy bits. Enter the 2020 Honda Passport. Yes, the true Honda heads among us …

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2019 Honda Passport Is Here To Fill The Gap Between The CR-V And Pilot

Consumers can’t seem to get enough crossovers and Honda is happy to oblige as it has resurrected the Passport moniker on an all-new model which will slot in between the CR-V and Pilot. Developing story …     PHOTO GALLERY more photos… TagsHonda, Honda Passport, LA Auto Show Source

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Honda Is Reviving The Passport And This Time It’s Not An Isuzu

Photo: Honda Honda sold two generations of Passport SUV from 1993 until 2002, both rebadged versions of the Isuzu Rodeo, both built in Lafayette, Indiana. It was a successful venture for Honda, as the company moved hundreds of thousands of the mid-sized runabout. Honda has announced that the nameplate, dead for 16 years, will be …