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Chevy Tahoe Driver Falls Asleep, Somehow Avoids Hitting Utility Pole

Falling asleep at the wheel is arguably the most dangerous thing that can happen. It puts the driver, potential passengers, other drivers and even pedestrians at risk that could otherwise be avoided.

This incident seems to have taken place in early December, according to the dashcam’s timestamp. The Tahoe was caught on video from a trailing semi truck’s perspective, whose own driver got to see the Chevy SUV go off-road, narrowly avoiding a utility pole.

If the Tahoe had made contact with the pole, that would have been a truly gruesome crash, possibly putting the driver’s life at risk, especially at that speed. We’re not exactly sure when the driver resumed control of his vehicle, but the good thing is that he managed to avoid the pole.

After coming to a halt, the SUV began rolling away just as the driver got out, as he must have probably not put it in Park and/or engaged the handbrake. And if it wouldn’t have been for a good Samaritan jumping in to help, it may have ended up in oncoming traffic, seen as how instead of getting back behind the wheel, the driver actually thought he could stop the vehicle’s momentum using only his strength. Which might have worked, if he was the Hulk.

In the end, it’s a good thing nobody got hurt, although it does seem lady luck had a lot to do with the outcome of this incident.


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